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Team 2012!


Team Center Es Pujols Formentera


Xavier Cañellas Ramon (Xavi)

Windsurfing and Sailing instructor from Inca - Mallorca (Spain). This friendly ¨Sunny boy¨ was teaching in Spanish (Castellano), Catalan and Italian, and higly beloved by our Catalan, Spanish and Italian speaking clients...not just for is charms, but certainly also for his teaching skills.

Lorenzo Dubini (Lore)

Windsurfing and Sailing instructor from Lecco - Como Lake (Italy). The young, tall, half Italian half American was loaded with energy, blessed with a dose of good humor and crazy acts, but more over: had a big heart for our youngest guests. But not just the kids and the mommies were fond of ¨Lore¨, we also were happy with his  fresh and friendly presence in our team.

Aladin Alwy (Elvi)

Elvi...we can not call him an employee, but he certainly is a great teammember! Our Egyptian friend prefers to help us out during his holidays, instead of ¨hanging¨ around on the beaches of Formentera. The Arabic, German, English and don´t forget Russian speaking ¨Jack of all trades¨ is the stressless, oasis of calmness in our the team.

Maximilian Seitz (Max)

A higly creative visual wonder, who sees beauty in the smallest detail of our water sports equipment and makes it into art. He spoke in a gentle way to our clients regardless if in English, German, Italian or Spanish... after a traineeship as a windsurfing teacher, we´ve decided togehter that wet4fun was much more helped out with his video editing talents in the future.

Team Center Cala Martina Ibiza


Alfredo Guijarro Pérez

The typical example of ¨Still waters run deep¨ was a blessing from the the stormy sky at the beginning of the season on Ibiza. This ultimate friendly, easy going but most of all thinking a long helping hand, proved this season that a Windsurfing and Sailing Instructor can be as good in teaching, as well in taking care of the appearence of the school, managing reservations and being friendly to our guests! Fortunately everyone has their quirks: windsurfing at 24:00?! Call it a passion!

Francisco Ayuso Segado (Fran)

This young guy from Murcia (Spain) isn´t at all a rookie as a Windsurfing and Sailing Instructor and teammember. He teaches as if he´s preparing for one his own regattas for the Spanish or European championships. That certainly doesn´t make him boring or unfriendly; his enthusiasm for watersports shows in everything he says and does ... especially if he sees a 18knt + prevision in Windguru ;-)

Myriam Gomez Gomez

She, like Alfredo and Fran from Murcia, has seen for sure 80% of the hotels, appartments, restaurants and bars from the inside while distributing our publicity around St Eulalia and Es Canar. In addition she was also the organizing and selling tower of strength onshore if her guys where offshore.


wet4fun general team


Walter Baldinger

The synonym for wet4fun watersports. With his dry rough Austrian sense of humor and his believe that you can do anything if practice hard over and over again, and jump over your own shadow once in awhile, he is difficult to estimate for some people. But no one has a bigger heart for people and watersports than Walter! For him there is never too much or too less wind or waves to practice you watersport skills: he has his tutorial toolbox loaded with exercises, tips and trics to push yourself to the limits.

Marianne Haverkamp

They are a bit like Frick and Frack; Walter and his right hand Marianne. After 3 seasons she speaks besides Dutch and English also German and Spanish. The Dutch projectmanager became a real allrounder behind the scenes working for wet4fun. From sewing sails to selling courses, from working with glasfiber till marketing, or accountancy till rescue actions.